Apple Bumps 3G Download Cap to 20MB

Apple has doubled the cap iPhone users are limited to when downloading content from the App Store over 3G data connections from 10MB up to 20MB. The higher download limit means users will be able to grab larger apps than before when they're away from Wi-Fi Internet connections.

Previously, iPhone users were limited to downloading apps over 3G that fell below a 10MB size cap -- presumably to help deal with over congested wireless data networks.

App Store downloads are capped at 20MB over 3G

Since Apple increased the App Store download cap without any fanfare, it won't likely have a big impact on AT&T's 3GF network, at least not at first. With the April release of the iPad with 3G support, however, AT&T's network may take a hit as users start downloading iPad-optimized apps on the go.

[Thanks to Pocket Gamer for the heads up.]