Apple Buying Facial Recognition Company Polar Rose

| Rumor

Word began circulating Monday morning that Apple has purchased the facial recognition technology company Polar Rose, although neither company is commenting on the rumor. Unnamed sources close to Polar Rose have been claiming the deal is either completed or nearly wrapped up, according to CS (translation).

While alleged insiders are saying the deal is legit, Polar Rose CEO Carl Silbersky would only say “I do not know what this is about.”

Polar Rose recently stopped offering its public services for Flickr and Facebook claiming it planned instead to start licensing its technology to other companies.

Assuming Polar Rose is signing a buyout deal, it would give Apple its own facial recognition technology it could use in products like iPhoto and Aperture, as well as iOS-based apps that require facial recognition.

Neither Apple nor Polar Rose are offering an official statement on the buyout rumor.

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How about if your iPhone/iPod Touch or Macintosh would only work when you looked at it? Your face wold unlock the device and Keychain. Anyone else looking at it would get nothing.

Good security without having to remember a password.

Lee Dronick

Your face wold unlock the device and Keychain. Anyone else looking at it would get nothing.

That has it’s advantages:

Looks like he has had a heart attack!
I’ll start CPR, you call 911!

Does anyone have a cell phone?

No, but he has an iPhone, we can use his.

It won’t unlock, what will we do?

Aim it at his face!

911, what is your emergency?


Someone needs to write a defibrillator App!!!

Heart Attack? There’s an App for that.

Lee Dronick

There are first aid apps, some free, but now is the time to learn the basics, before there is an emergency.

Does these facial recognition technologies have a password override? I can visualize scenarios where you want/allow someone else to access the device. What I am thinking is that it is real handy to have my iPhone protected with facial recognition security, it would save time entering the password. On the other hand suppose you are not available, but someone legitimately needs to use your iPhone.


When the iPad was about to be introduced I speculated on that. I like the idea of the device having multiple users with different rights levels, maybe needing one authenticated user to allow another.


Could it recognize Envyboys and refuse entry?

I’ve seen scenarios in movies where a finger or hand was lopped off for sneaky purposes. One could cry over a missing digit, but I could see lacking one’s upper most extremity making this difficult.

Quick, somebody patent the “Security Head Bag” for the iPhone. The oddest inventions make a killing.

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