Apple Cancels Some Developer Tickets for WWDC

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Some developers have been reporting that their tickets for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference were canceled by Apple on Wednesday afternoon. Aaron Hillegass of Big Nerd Ranch and Cabel Maxfield Sasser of Panic both tweeted that Apple had canceled tickets to the event, telling them that they weren’t eligible.

WWDC was announced early Wednesday morning and sold out in less than two hours. As of this writing, we don’t yet know what prompted the company to cancel the tickets for either developer.

In the case of Aaron Hillegass, he tweeted, “I just got an email from Apple ‘Because you are not eligible to buy it, we are canceling the WWDC ticket you bought this morning.’ What?!”

Cabel Sasser tweeted that, “I bought five tickets, and four were just cancelled. Don’t get me started.”


Aaron Hillegass Tweet

Both developers are the real deal, and are known within the Apple community. Their cancellations could be a mistake, might have been sparked by a technicality, or could be something about the developer accounts used to purchase the tickets.

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Quick, go to the site and try to buy those four tickets! smile


They are alert and savvy enough, so I guess that means they aren’t young enough. This is just as Apple planned it.

Angela Murtha

Same thing for my company. Four of us bought tickets, and three of us received emails in the late afternoon stating they had been cancelled.


They are cancelling multiple tickets bought on the same credit card.  You know, exactly what happens when more than 1 person in a company buys tickets.  I hope they resolve it - i’m in the same boat


So dump Apple and start developing for Android - they won’t screw you over, and it is a better OS anyway. Or try Linux - a real OS.


So dump Apple and start developing for Android - they won?t screw you over, and it is a better OS anyway. Or try Linux - a real OS.

Go back to your cave, Troll.

Wow. Just. Wow. I almost feel like I would like to meet you in real life, just to see if your brain cavity is THAT small!


Mine was canceled too. Because we used the same credit card. You know, it was our company credit card and we couldn’t order 2 tickets with our company apple id.

The FAQ states 1 per person. A credit card is not a person. They allow you too buy multiple developer accounts with the same credit card.


The number of tickets is fixed. Therefore every cancelled ticket means that some other developer is now able to go to the developers’ conference instead. If it is not possible to buy two tickets with the same company credit card, that means there will be more different companies represented at WWDC.

To the guy who says “I hope they’ll resolve it”: The only way to resolve this would be to throw out some other developer. So it’s not going to happen.


gnasher - thankfully your comment is nonsense.  The cancelling of tickets has happened long after the tickets were sold out.  Have more tickets gone on sale since the cancelling?  No.  So right now, before they put any of these back up for sale, it’s the easiest thing in the world for them to just reinstate them.


Phil - your comment is nonsense. There is a limited number of spaces. Reinstating tickets means the limit will be exceeded, unless some other ticket gets cancelled.

Apart from that, the whole debate is quite pointless. Fact is that some people (many people actually) who wanted tickets aren’t getting any. Whether there is a dozen people who thought they had a ticket bit didn’t get one in the end is rather meaningless.


Gnasher, try and pay attention here… I know its hard for you to understand.  Say there are 100 tickets available.  They sell out of all 100 tickets at 10 am.  At 4 pm, they say, “hey, these tickets shouldn’t have been sold to these 40 people, we’re cancelling their orders”.

So now, there are only 60 tickets actually sold - 40 cancelled.  But they stopped selling tickets at 10am and haven’t sold any since - so there are still 40 seats open until they resell those tickets.  Which Apple isn’t going to do until they resolve this mistake.

By the way, you’re an idiot.


Tone it down.  There is no call for personal insults.

From the info available, I’d say there is either a misunderstood limitation on this year’s event, such as one representative per company instead of simply one per person, or some automated system was accidentally programed to assume the same credit card equals the same person. If the latter, then Apple will probably iron out the glitch and reissue the tickets to the buyers.  If it is the former, then they will probably be reissued for sale sometime in the near future so more developer companies can be represented.

OTOH, could also be that some sales were questionable (ie: scalpers trying to grab a few extras) and others got caught in the middle. In which case the tickets will probably be reissued to the original buyers after verifying they are, indeed, for different people.

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