Apple CEO May Get a Raise

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be the driving force behind his companyis success, but he only draws a US$1 salary each year. The Mac and iPod makeris annual report for fiscal 2007 hints that Mr. Jobs may finally be due a raise, according to CNET News.

The report Apple filed with the SEC Thursday afternoon stated "Because Mr. Jobsis continued leadership is critical to Apple, the Compensation Committee is considering additional compensation arrangements for him."

While that may include a bigger paycheck, it more likely means that the company is lining up some other perks to throw Mr. Jobsis way. In 2000, Apple dropped a $46 million Gulfstream V jet in his lap, and he already holds 5.5 million shares of the companyis stock.

Apple isnit talking about what it has in store for Mr. Jobs, but odds are itis even better than a free iPhone.