Apple CEO Steve Jobs Gets New Liver

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs apparently underwent a liver transplant about two months ago during his medical leave of absence from the Cupertino-based company he co-founded, according to the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Jobs took a medical leave of absence from Apple in January and is expected to return to work in the coming weeks.

Mr. Jobs traveled to Tennessee for the operation several weeks ago, and according to reports is recovering well. He previously underwent treatment for pancreatic cancer and has been recovering for the past few years. Concern over his health, however, continued to rise as he lost weight.

The liver transplant may have been directly tied to Mr. Job's pancreatic cancer. According to Doctor William Hawkins, a pancreatic and gastrointestinal expert at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, the type of cancer Mr. Jobs suffered from often reappears in other organs.

"All total, 75 percent of patients are going to have the disease spread over the course of their life," he said.

Apple isn't elaborating on Mr. Jobs's condition, but the company is optimistic that its charismatic leader will be back on the job soon. "Steve continues to look forward to returning at the end of June, and there's nothing further to say," commented Apple spokeperson Katie Cotton.

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I hope he is doing well, but I think we’ve seen over the last 6 months, that there are a lot of capable people at Apple.  Nothing to see here, move along.


I got a new liver 20 years ago and it worls perfectly!  So this should not be a problem.


Personally, I wish people wouldn’t report this stuff. Jobs obviously doesn’t want it published. Further, the information has obviously been leaked without permission. Accordingly, that makes it a violation of privacy laws. As a stockholder, all I care about is that the Board has somebody running the show who is capable of doing so. Currently, it does.  If Jobs returns, he will obviously feel capable of doing so as well.

The guy deserves a break and like the rest of us US citizens his medical issues should remain private. It is enough to know he is on a medical leave and he will be expected back by such and such time. .


Say a prayer for him if you’re inclined to, then let’s get back to hammering on AT&T about the delays in MMS and tethering. Oh, and the not so friendly upgrade pricing for 3G owners. I know their reasoning, I even understand it, but since we’re loyal customers anyway, they’re STILL gonna get my money unless they keep making bonehead moves like that. If they lose the exclusive contract, I think they’re gonna lost a HUGE number of customers. People just aren’t happy with Step-Ma Bell.


Hey it’s early. Typos are bound to happen. lost = lose


Given that the WSJ article contains the phrase, “Mr. Jobs didn’t respond to an email requesting comment.”, I think what we have here is one of two things…

1) a fabrication.
2) a HIPPA violation (disclosing someones medical information without their consent).


The way I read HIPPA (, the WSJ is only in violation of retransmitting private health information. They didn’t initially disclose it. Somebody else did, making it stolen information and the WSJ an accessory to the transgression.

Or in plain English, they didn’t steal it, but they sure attempted to profit from the stolen information. (Isn’t fencing stolen property a crime?) We’re not talking about state secrets, or cover up, it’s a man’s private health record that he obviously wants to remain private while he is on leave.


Amazing but just prior to my liver transplant I read the Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford, which inspired me greatly. I too, received my transplant in only (9) days of being listed. I absolutely do not have money to even compare salaries with Steve Jobs, that would be a joke! Money can get you ahead, so I hear, but if your life is on the line rich or poor, oftentimes everything turns out well. I am only 55 yrs old, have a family and when I was told I had liver cancer my husband and I prepared for the worst. I am elated he has done well, I have had some difficulties but still reaching for a positive recovery.
I would love nothing more than to hear from Steve Jobs personally. I do wish him well.

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