Apple CEO Tim Cook Tours Foxconn Factory

Apple CEO Tim Cook included a trip to the Foxconn factory that builds iPhones during his visit to China. The factory tour follows ongoing complaints that Foxconn’s workers are subjected to harsh working conditions and long hours on assembly lines.

Tim Cook: Still in ChinaTim Cook: Still in China

Mr. Cook toured Foxconn’s Zhengzhou Technology Park, according to Bloomberg, although Apple representatives didn’t say exactly what their CEO had planned for the visit.

The China trip has also included meetings with government officials such as Vice Premier Li Kequang, and efforts to expand Apple’s retail presence in the country.

Mr. Cook has apparently been discussing Apple’s ongoing legal fight with Proview over the iPad trademark, too. Apple claims it purchased the rights to “iPad” from Proview, but the smaller company said it never really sold the name.

Apple officials haven’t said how long Mr. Cook will be in China, or what other plans he may have while he’s there.