Apple Clamps Down on Non-U.S. iPad Orders

Apple has clamped down on third party companies offering non-U.S. customers iPad delivery, according to MobileGamesBlog. Customers that had ordered iPads through these companies began receiving e-mails letting them know that Apple had canceled their orders, and that they would receive refunds.

Companies such as MyUS, Shipito, Borderlinx specialize in ordering from U.S.-based retailers that don’t ship outside the country, handling the transaction, and then shipping the product to its final destination. In that vein, several of these companies had offered iPad shipments outside the U.S., where the iPad won’t be offered until a month or more after it launches inside the U.S. on April 3rd.

In a letter sent to a customer by Borderlinx, the company wrote, “Unfortunately, Apple has deployed sophisticated means to detect any order that would be delivered to consumers outside the US and cancel them all. Even orders that were confirmed by mail were rejected after 4 days.”

The letter also let the customer know that their money would be refunded.

Demand for the device has already outpaced Apple’s initial supply, with recent, new pre-orders for the iPad having been pushed out to April 12th. The company is using a staggered schedule to introduce it outside the country.