Apple Design Awards Limited to App Store, Mac App Store


Apple’s Word Wide Developers Conference starts on June 6, and like previous years will include the company’s Apple Design Awards. Last year, Apple gave out awards only to iOS-based app developers, but this year will again include Mac applications — but only if they’re available through the company’s Mac App Store.

Apple Design Award

“This year’s Apple Design Awards will be awarded to developers whose iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps are currently on the App Store,” the Apple WWDC Web site states.

Apple choses the titles that receive awards based on design, innovation, and technical excellence.

WWDC 2011 is scheduled to run from June 6 through June 10 at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco. Conference passes are priced at US$1,599 and are available through the Apple Web site.



More Apple control, manipulation and arrogance.  When will developers wake up and just boycott WWDC?


That is a disappointing requirement for a Mac App . I guess that means that even the Technical Excellence category must be limited to “Apps that can be drag-installed”.

Neurotic Nomad

In what way does ANY award from ANY company exhibit “control, manipulation and arrogance” on the part of the one giving it?

“Not getting the carrot” is not the same thing as “getting the stick” and non-participation is probably more than 99% of the population.

You give them too much credit, and assume malicious intent. 

You have to be pretty cynical to damn a group for praising others for continued use of their ever-developing platform and recognizing the best use of the new tools you have to offer - and doing absolutely nothing harmful to the rest of the planet.

Ref Librarian

Goodness sakes, every award I know comes with limits on eligibility. Even the local elementary school only gives their excellence awards to kids who attend that school. I know, I know! That is so controlling, manipulating and arrogant of them.


From a developer’s standpoint, Apple has already destroyed the entire portable electronic game industry.  Ask Nintendo and Sony.  Apple seems intent on sucking the profits out of Mac apps and games also. You have a better chance breaking even by playing the lottery. Just my opinion…

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