Apple Details iBookstore Self Publishing

Authors hoping to make it big without relying on a publisher can sell their works through Apple’s iBookstore, and the company has released a guide explaining just what’s involved.

Before a book can be self published, you’ll need an iTunes Store account and a tax ID number, your book needs an ISBN, and the book file must be in an epubcheck 1.0.5-validated ePub format. Once everything is set up, you’ll be able to set your book’s price and sell it in the iBookstore around the world.

Apple also lists several aggregation publishing partners for authors that don’t want to handle all of the steps needed to get their titles on the iBookstore.

The iBookstore is Apple’s online ebook selling service for the iPAd’s iBooks app. It already offers a long list of titles from several big name publishing houses, and more books are being added all the time.

Additional information about self publishing at the iBookstore is available at the Apple Web site.