Apple Employee Injured in Store Shooting

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An Apple Store employee was seriously injured in a shooting at the company's Clarendon store in Arlington, Virginia, over the holiday weekend.

According to the Arlington Police Department, an unidentified man rang the bell at the store's service entrance, and then shot a 26 year old female employee in the shoulder after she opened the door for him. The man ran away before anyone else saw him.

So far, investigators haven't been able to track down the suspect or find a motive for the shooting, and the agency is looking for anyone with information about the incident.

The suspect was described as "African American male in his 20's or 30's, 5'7" to 6' with a medium build, and possible facial hair. He was wearing light colored pants, a light colored short sleeve shirt, and a dark baseball hat with white lettering. The suspect was armed with a handgun."

The Arlington Police Department is asking anyone with additional information about the shooting or the suspect to call the Tip Line at 703-228-4242, Detective Alan Lowrey at 703-228-4199, or Detective Michael Austin at 703-228-4241.

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