Apple Execs Donate $3M to Charities

Two Apple board members and two senior executives cashed in some 10,000 shares worth over US$3 million and donated the money to charities in December. Filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission detailed the transactions, although the forms didn’t say which charities received the donations.

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Apple’s senior vice president of hardware, Robert Mansfield, donated $500,700 to charities on December 10, and on December 17 CFO Peter Oppenheimer donated $423,205.20 and board member Arthur Levinson donated $88,808.97. The biggest donation came from board member Millard Drexler to the tune of $2,177,972 on December 14.

The donations all happend on days where Apple’s stock was trading especially high, making the gifts worth even more to the recipients. No doubt the organizations that received the donations were glad for the extra cash.

Apple is currently trading at $324.15, down 1.14 (-0.35%).

[Thanks to setteB.IT for the heads up.]