Apple Facing Another EU AppleCare Kerfuffle, this Time Portugal

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Apple in EuropeApple is under fire again for its AppleCare warranty practices in the EU—the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO) said it will sue Apple for misleading consumers into purchasing Apple Care extended warranty plans.

In the U.S., Apple products come with a one-year warranty and purchasing AppleCare extends that, as well as phone support, for up to three years. However, in the EU, companies are required to provide a two-year warranty on electronic products at no cost.

While the EU sets the standards, each country implements its own laws and they can differ slightly from country to country. According to AppleInsider, in Portugal, any defect found within two years is assumed to have been there from the start. Apple’s wording gives the impression that only defects discovered at delivery are covered. Of course, the product is covered as required by law, but DECO feels that isn’t conveyed to consumers, which of course encourages them to purchase AppleCare.

According to DECO, the lawsuit comes after several attempts by them to have the wording changed on Apple’s Portuguese website. According to AppleInsider’s translation, DECO’s Secretary General Jorge Morgado stated, “The Portuguese and EU law gives a two-year guarantee for portables [and laptops], but Apple does not recognize this reality. After several attempts to enforce these rights, without success, we decided to proceed with legal action. We will require the court to restore legality because we have no doubt that the rights of consumers are being trampled.”

DECO is a non-profit and not a government agency, so its only recourse is to sue. Apple is under fire in Italy for similar complaints regarding AppleCare, but there the complaint is by a government agency capable of setting fines and regulations, including blocking sales of products.

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I love Apple, but I think they should be punished in Portugal and in europe in general. Apple is misleading customers for years here, posting in their site that their products have one year warranty. At one time I contacted Apple and received a answer back, from some moron on the executive team, pushing me with a bunch of law mumbo-jumbo, to try to fool me that I was wrong. Now it is clear I was right.

Apple is famous in europe for doing such things. Recently they were advertising the new iPad as 4G around the world but their 4G technology was only able to work in some parts of the US.

I love Apple, but they have to follow the law of the countries they sell their merchandise and not try to push american laws here.

Perry Clease

I am calling BS on your claims Mike

Also it is Europe, not europe, and America, not america.


Also it is Europe, not europe, and America, not america.

Perhaps you mean USA when you say America ?  America is a continent, not a country.

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