Apple Files for “Startup” Retail Service Trademark

Apple may be planning on introducing a new in-store customer service program for new Mac buyers called “Startup.” The company recently filed for a trademark on the name along with some details about what the service may entail.

Apple logo

According to Apple’s filing, the trademark falls under services related to “computers, computer software, computer peripherals, mobile phones, and consumer electronic devices, and demonstration of products relating thereto.”

Apple already offers setup assistance for new computer buyers in its own retail stores, and will even help transfer data from old computers to just purchased machines. The company also offers in-store training and seminars to help new buyers get up to speed on using their Macs.

Filing for a trademark doesn’t mean Apple intends to add new features to its existing services for new Mac buyers. Considering the company’s in-store customer service efforts, however, it isn’t much of a stretch to assume more service oriented plans are in the works.

[Thanks to TUAW for the heads up.]