Apple Files for Trademark on "Magic Trackpad"

Apple has filed a trademark application for the name "Magic Trackpad." The application was filed on Monday, and PatentlyApple reported that the Patent & Trademark Office published the application Friday.

The application itself doesn't offer any clues as to whether or not Apple will use the name, and if it does, whether it will be used for existing trackpads or for some sort of new standalone peripheral for the Mac, iPhone, or iPad platforms. Apple does, of course, market its combination trackpad and mouse as the Magic Mouse.

The trademark is being applied for the following categories: Computers; computer software; computer operating system software; computer utility software; computer hardware; computer peripherals; scanners; touchscreens; keyboards; computer mice; trackballs; trackpads; touchpads; light pens; joysticks; game controllers; graphics tablets; digitizers; cables and connectors; flash memory drives; USB drives; solid state storage devices; barcode readers.