Apple Fixes 6 Bugs in Apple TV iOS 4.2.2 Update

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Apple updated the current generation of Apple TV (the second generation) to iOS 4.2.2 on Thursday. The update includes several bug fixes for issues including audio, video playback, fast forwarding, descriptions, and a YouTube issue.

Patch notes for the update:

  • Audio - Addresses an issue in which audio is not output when playing some video content.
  • Video playback - Addresses an issue in which video is not displayed when playing some content.
  • Audio output setting - Adds an audio output setting for switching to 16-bit audio for compatibility with some TVs and AV receivers.
  • Live FF/RW improvements - Improves the performance of fast-forwarding and rewinding live events.
  • Movie description - Addresses an issue in which the description information is not displayed for some movies.
  • YouTube video order - Addresses an issue in which YouTube subscription videos were not ordered by date.

You can download the update through your Apple TV — Apple offers instructions on its site for doing so.


Ross Edwards

Can they fix the issue where it won’t play any video file format except AVC-MP4 and MOV?  How about the issue where it won’t browse simple folders full of video files and play from there, but instead wants to encumber the iTunes database with the user’s entire video file collection?  How about the issue where it runs iOS but you still can’t add apps that solve these problems and also enable other content like Hulu or CBS or whatever besides?

I love the AppleTV2’s hardware design and user interface, but right now it’s still hopeless crippleware.  I ended up taking mine back for a refund… still streaming from iMac to XBOX 360 using Rivet until a better option comes along.  And no, jailbreaking doesn’t count.


@Ross Edwards

Use Air Video App in iPhone or iPad with AirPlay feature and all your wishes will come true. It’s brilliant and no jail breaking required.

If I were u I’d go pick up another Atv. It just works.


To Ross Edwards.

How about you learning how to use your computer or maybe learning how to use iTunes.

And if you have so many ideas and are so capable, ask for a job at Apple I bet you can design and engineer all of those great ideas in a few months because you’re freaking Ross Edwards.

Freaking moron.



You are the picture of why so many people hate those who use Mac products. You can go on and on about how easy and intuitive Macs are, and how they never have problems, but as soon as someone has a problem, you fall on the same routine so many PC techs use, which is “learn to use it, moron.”

Being hateful does not make the hardware or software easier or better. Ross has legitimate issues and clearly knows what he is talking about. Having to use extra for something that “just works,” as Apple so loves to say, is not a solution.

Not to mention the fact that Apple “just works,” and yet has tons and tons of compatibility issues, bugs, privacy concerns, general disregard for users, and piles of proprietary nonsense because they’re “too good” to use the obvious standards.

So please, continue to be holier-than-thou about Apple. Then everyone will know just what sort of person you are.


or convert the files, I recommend ivi

Lee Dronick

@ Ross

Send Apple feedback:


Im with Ross!

All my tech is apple…everything! (four imacs, macbook pro, 2 iphone, ipad, 2 atvs, 2 apple speakers (still the best btw!)) I can probably be callled a “fan boy”.

Yet Apples indifference to the obvious needs of users is getting a bit old now. I have both ATVs (1 and 2), love them both but seriously, let me do what I want to with it, not I am allowed to do by Apple!

Lee Dronick

@ Craig

Send Apple feedback: h

Complaining about it here won’t get it changed.


@ Sir Harry Flashman (great handle btw!)

Just posted to Apples “feedback” experience tells me to not hold my breath. Did notice however, question of “What do I use my Apple tv for?” and last option was Watch content from DVDs!!

Have I missed something??

Lee Dronick

Craig, I think that the only way to watch DVDs via the Apple TV is to rip them. At that point they are no longer DVDs, but movie files. As an AAPL stock holder I hope that Apple brings their hobby to some sort of Tivo killer.

“(great handle btw!)”

?But that?s the point!? He clapped his hands. “We are the ideal partners ? neither of us trusts the other an inch, but we need each other. It?s the only guarantee in any business. You?re as big a rascal as I am; we would sell each other tomorrow, but there isn?t the need.” From Royal Flash

Ross Edwards

Well, I sure did touch off a flurry here.

@Horsenoggin - Unfortunately, it is not cost-effective or tech-effective to dedicate a $500+ device to being a glorified remote control for my media, especially in a house where kids are primary consumers.  The Xbox 360 remote costs <$20.  I don’t care (much) if they break that.

@Obscurecirque - Go pound sand.  I use Macs because they “Just Work.”  If I wanted to have to use workarounds I would have stuck with PCs at a fraction of the cost.  Right now it is BLINDINGLY easy to stream video to an Xbox 360, even from a Mac using simple install-and-forget-about-it apps.  No such luck with ATV. 

@LeoPC - This guy gets it!  Thanks for being a voice of reason.

@Khaled - Transcoding a video file diminishes its quality, so you don’t want to convert if at all possible.

@Sir Harry - Done.

@All - I’m a total Mac fanboy so I want the ATV to work well, and right now it still doesn’t cut the mustard, simple as that.  The lack of simple browse-and-play to stream files is the most egregious sin, IMHO. EVERY other media box has that part down pat.  In fact, if they enabled the rest of iOS on the ATV, including apps, most of what is still lacking about the device would be solved.

Lee Dronick

@ Ross, Craig, et al

You may also try emailing Steve Jobs. He reads and answers some of them and a staffer is probably reading all of them. Vinegar may not work as well as honey, or at least “stevia” (pun intended), so I recommend a nice email. Supposedly his address

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