Apple Free iPhone 4 Case Program Launches with an App

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Apple’s promised free Bumper or case program for iPhone 4 owners launched Friday morning. Instead of using a Web page-based order form, however, customers must download an app for their iPhone that handles the process.

To request a free case, iPhone 4 owners must enter their Apple ID or iTunes Store account information into the app before selecting their case or Bumper. Apple’s instructions also state “For iPhone 4 purchases made before July 23, 2010, you must apply no later than August 22, 2010; otherwise, you must apply within 30 days of your iPhone 4 purchase.”

Apple’s iPhone 4 Case Program app

Apple promised free Bumpers or cases to iPhone 4 owners during a press conference last Friday focused on addressing antenna and signal strength-related concerns. Complaints about lost signals when the lower left corner of the phone is covered by your hand have been coming in since the device was released almost a month ago.

Customers must purchase their iPhone 4 by September 30, 2010 to qualify for a free case. Delivery of the cases, however, could take three to five weeks.

For iPhone 4 owners that previously purchased an Apple Bumper case, Apple began automatically issuing refunds Thursday afternoon.

The iPhone 4 Case Program app is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

[Thanks to TMO reader MattJanssen for the heads up.]



My iPhone 4 does not qualify???  I wonder why. Mine is just as much a 4 as the next one…

Stephen Swift

Sean, I suppose you should call Apple directly and find out.  Possible reasons I’m brainstorming:
a) did you get a refund for a bumper?
b) are you signed on with the same apple id that you bought the phone with?  [I’m curious if they’re doing order lookups by iPhone Serial # or apple ID]
c) was the phone bought by your company or did you buy it through AT&T? [I shouldn’t think it would matter]

Do let us know what happened as it’s an interesting issue!


d) you work for Gizmodo.

<OK I’m sorry. My apologies. That was very catty, but I couldn’t resist.>


Here is the best answers I can give you as of now.

A) I did not purchase a bumper yet I knew it would be free lol.
B) I signed in with my only apple ID. I don’t have a purchase date because it was givin to me from apple.
C).I’m still on the phone.

Tom Merritt

I also apparently do not qualify for the case program. Bought the phone at retail on launch day. Paid unsubsidized price. Under this account, which is a mobile me account incidentally. I see nothing in the terms that should disqualify me.


They just had a meeting. “every iPhone 4 user gets one”. Alot of people are having this issue.

Jeff Gamet

If you’re getting the “don’t qualify” error, are you running Apple’s app on your iPhone 4? I’m wondering if Apple is linking the login info with the ID of the device you’re using.


It could be something as simple as their systems being overloaded as everyone tries to order a case on the same morning.


Yes using the app. Now on the phone they can’t find my user id. Bugs!!!


Frustrating - I’ve been on the phone now for an hour and 10 minutes. I’m getting the same “Your iPhone does not qualify for the iPhone 4 Case Program” message. I bought the phone on 7/13; signed up for a 2-yr contract with AT&T. Hadn’t bought a case since I knew they were going to give one out for free. Possibly the most straightforward scenario for a free case… The absolutely infuriating rep on the phone kept telling me from the beginning of the call, “if that’s the message your getting, you don’t qualify” without any further explanation. I’ve now been on hold to speak with her manager for well over 30 minutes. Occasionally she’ll hop on the phone to ask me things like my serial number (shouldn’t she have asked this from the beginning?), where I bought my phone, and to tell me I’ll be on hold for awhile longer.

John Martellaro

Simply brilliant concept to do an app. Took me only a few minutes to download the app and select a case. No need to type in shipping info.


I can’t find the app! searching in app store..what’s the exact name??

Stephen Swift

iPhone 4 Case Program (this link will open in iTunes)


Ok so after 2 hours seems as if the kinks are working out. I should know by Wednesday if it worked.


No fair, how come THEY get to submit apps to the AppStore that access private data like IMEI and SN? wink

Oh and the app idea is quite nice. Pleasant experience took less than a minute including viewing galleries of all the different (all black ugh) cases that they are offering. Honestly though, why the %@#$ isn’t the app on the “Featured” page? Only nerds that read tech blogs will know to search for the “iPhone 4 Case Program” app?.


Only nerds that read tech blogs will know to search for the ?iPhone 4 Case Program? app

Maybe that’s the point.



I tried that link, but it opens up Itunes saying “The item you are looking for cannot be found”. I also tried to search for it directly in the App store via Itunes, and also App store via the phone without success.

I bought my phone without subscription, but it still couldn’t be that because they’re saying that all iphone 4 owners will get one.

Any ideas?


I finally got my email from apple saying I qualify for the case. I opened the app and picked it I should have it in 3-5 weeks.


I don’t even get an error in the app. After login it tries to load the case options and the entire screen just turns completely white., with the exception of the standard status bar at the top which shows the time and battery and network coverage…



I’ve downloaded the app after a hassle and now it tells me my apple ID is incorrect ! What is going on here ? I use my ID practically everyday for over a year now. I also tried 2 more family members Id’s and it still refuses to log me in. What gives ?

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