Apple Game Center T&C Now Shares Full Names w/Friends

Apple has updated the Terms and Conditions agreement for its iOS Game Center feature. The new terms, which must be accepted to begin or continue using the service, stipulate that users will be sharing the full name associated with their Apple ID if they send or accept a friend request with other Game Center users.

Game Center is Apple’s leaderboard and achievement tracking service for iOS games. When developers add in support for Game Center, players can see both the high scores of their friends, as well as the overall leaderboards based on Apple ID names. We noted that names in the leaderboard for players with whom you are not friends now have quotes around their name.

The update notice in Game Center in full:

The full name associated with your Apple ID will be shared with the recipient or sender, as applicable, when you send or accept a friend request, including requests previously sent or received. If you prefer not to share your full name with friends, you should either remove that friend promptly (within 24 HOURS of the time you accept these terms and conditions) by tapping the “Unfriend” button at the bottom of that friend’s screen in Game Center, or do not click “AGREE,” in which case you will not be able to use Game Center.

Game Center T&C

You’ll find the changes the next time you launch Game Center on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.