Apple Highlights Education in New iPad 2 Ad

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Apple released a new iPad 2 commercial on Wednesday that shows off the multimedia tablet as an educational tool. Like other iPad commercials, there isn’t any mention of the iPad name until the end of the commercial, and even then its written instead of spoken.

Apple's iPad 2 Learn CommercialApple’s iPad 2 “Learn” commercial

The “Learn” ad leans more towards adults learning by showing off TED presentations, learning foreign languages, exploring the solar system, playing the piano, and more.

The current iPad 2 ad campaign doesn’t mentioned hardware specifications or the App Store, and doesn’t show the Apple logo or iPad name until the end of the commercial. Instead, Apple uses the campaign to show how the iPad 2 fits it with user’s lifestyles.

Apple’s “Learn” commercial is available in QuickTime format at the company’s Web site.



Love that commercial. It distills the essence of learning, which is doing.


Too bad educators don’t think so. Study after study shows having laptops or iPads in the classroom does not increase students ability to learn. Schools are better off hiring good teachers then dumping money into useless iPads

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