Apple Hires webOS Interface Designer

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Palm’s webOS interface designer, Rich Dellinger, quit the company to take a job at Apple as a senior user interface designer. Mr. Dellinger was instrumental in creating the banner notification system in webOS.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he made the move in May.

Mr. Dellinger also helped develop the webOS application framework, served as the visual and interaction designer for webOS, and was a webOS engineer. He also created the Mojo application framework’s CSS structure and defined the HTML layout and structure.

Now that Mr. Dellinger is working for Apple’s interface design team, he’ll most likely be involved with iOS 4, formerly iPhone OS 4, because of his experience with mobile devices and mobile device platforms.

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Well, this is one hire who Apple’s lawyers have carefully vetted.  However, Mr. Dellinger may also be protected by tales that he can tell about any Apple IP that inspired parts of the Web OS.

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