Apple Hit with $8M Fine for Audio Patent Infringement

Justice-ish ScalesApple was slapped with a US$8 million fine after a Federal Court in Texas ruled it violated two audio-related patents. Personal Audio, a patent holding company, had claimed Apple’s iPod infringed on patents related to navigating music playlists, and jumping forward or backward in playlists.

Personal Audio filed its lawsuit in 2009, according to Bloomberg, and at the time was asking for $84 million in damages. Apple claimed the holding company’s patents were invalid, and that it wasn’t using any of its patent technology in the iPod.

The Texas jury, however, disagreed and slapped Apple on the wrist with the $8 million fine. Compared to the company’s multi-billion quarterly sales, the penalty seems like pocket change.

Presumably Apple will be digging through the break room couch for the cash to pay the fine.