Apple Hit with Wi-Fi Patent Lawsuit

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Legal ScalesApple and HP are facing a lawsuit from Linex Technologies that claims the companies are infringing on its patents with their Wi-Fi antenna designs. According to Linex, Apple’s entire MacBook product lineup infringes on the patents it owns, along with the AirPort Extreme Basestation and Time Capsule.

The two patents, according to AppleInsider include 6757322, Space diversity and coding, spectrum antenna and method, and RE42219, Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) spread spectrum system and method.

The court filing claims Apple and HP products that send and receive wireless network signals are stepping on the patents because they’re capable of handling multiple data streams and include more than one antenna for receiving signals.

Linux Technologies filed the case in U.S. District Court in Delaware, and is asking the court for damages along with an order blocking the sale of any products that infringe on the two patents.

Apple has not commented on the lawsuit.

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If I read this correctly and having more than one antenna in something is an infringement on someone’s patent, then indeed the patent system is screwed up. Multiple must then also cover three or four or more antennas. Ultimate lark. Hope I am misinterpreting this. I remember seeing some being with two antennae on his head from the original Star Trek series. Does that count? (I think one got broken off or something. Or were they fakes and therefore antennas?)

Lee Dronick

I am not sure if they own the idea on having multiple antennas in a device.

John Molloy

Dual Antennas? Does this mean they are going after rabbit ears?


I am not sure if they own the idea on having multiple antennas in a device.

Good question/post!

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