Apple Hits 3 Companies with MagSafe Charger Suit

Apple is suing three companies over patent infringement allegations for knock-off MagSafe MacBook chargers they are building and selling. Brilliant Store, Sunvalleytek International and are all facing the wrath of Apple’s legal team for their MacBook and MacBook Pro-compatible chargers, according to CNET News.

The suit was filed against the three companies on July 8 in U.S. District Court in Northern California.

The MagSafe power adapter charges the MacBook and MacBook Pro, and includes a specially designed cable connector that pops free from the laptop when tugged so computers aren’t accidentally yanked off desks.

Apple has been vigorously defending its patents recently, although most of its battles have been related to technologies used in its iPhone and iPod products. This case strays from that pattern by targeting technology used in the company’s laptop lineup.

None of the companies involved have commented on the pending litigation.