Apple Improves App Store Review Process Feedback

iPhone and iPod touch application developers are finally getting a little more feedback from Apple on their status in the App Store review process. Instead of simply being told the average time from submission to approval, developers can now see when their app is being reviewed and when it is approved, according to Wired.

The new online system shows developers the date and time their application was tagged as waiting for review, when it entered the review process, and when it was ready for sale.

Oliver Cameron, developer of the Postman app, commented "It's the coolest new feature they've added [for developers], in my opinion."

The new feature addresses one of the complaints developers have had with the App Store review process by giving them more information about their app's status. Another complaint that is still causing headaches for developers is the apparent lack of consistency in the standards for approving applications.

Apple, for example, recently rejected an application that listed information for the members of the U.S. Congress because the images for each person were caricature drawings. According to Apple, the application "ridicules public figures."

An application called Baby Shaker that promoted shaking babies to stop them from crying was approved. That app was, however, later pulled from the App Store.

Adding app review status information is a step towards making developers happy, but doesn't go all the way towards addressing their complaints. Considering Apple's obsession with tight control over everything it touches, odds are it will be some time before developers feel all of their complaints have been adequately handled.