Apple in Talks to Buy Flash Storage Company Anobit

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Apple is apparently negotiating to buy a flash memory designer company Anobit. The deal, which sources say could cost around US$500 million, would give Apple control over Anobit’s technology and designs for improving performance and speed with low-cost flash storage systems.

Apple may be buying another chip design companyApple may be buying another chip design company

Anobit is a chip design company, much like PA Semi — another company Apple purchased in 2006. The flash memory storage solutions Anobit designs have found their way into mobile devices and the enterprise market.

The company states that its Memory Signal Processing tech ” is comprised of proprietary signal processing algorithms combined with advanced error correction and innovative flash management schemes, resulting in a dramatic improvement in endurance, performance and system cost.”

According to Calcalist, the Isaeli news agency that first reported the deal, Apple is already using Anobit-designed chips in the MacBook Air, iPhone, and iPad.

Assuming the two companies are discussing a buyout, Apple could use Anobit’s technology and designs to scale back its reliance on Samsung. Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest clients, although the two have been fighting in court over patent infringement claims for months.

Apple and Anobit have not commented on the deal rumor.

[Thanks to TechCrunch for the heads up.]

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Lee Dronick

I like their trademark phrase “making flash better”  I know that it is not Flash with an uppercase F, but it brought a smile to me.

They are an Israili company, but I wonder where their stuff is manufactured.


They are an Israili company, but I wonder where their stuff is manufactured.

They probably subcontract the actual fabrication to Samsung LOL


Good for Apple. To be repetitive, I?d like to see Apple having full control over their use of flash drives and build them in America. It?s all by robot, isn?t it, so costs would be the same as in Asia, for the most part, and what a heads up for Apple.

And . . .  it looks like Apple has won/may win the tablet market and stripping the competition of any advantage in Flash could put the kibosh on any air-computer wannabes, too. The mobile phone biz was practice. Tablet & skinny computers are the future in profit and number dominance and heir apparent to the iPod m?nage.

And . . . with a hundred billion or more, ?buy, buy, buy? should be Apples war whoop to world dominance.

And now I must get back to work.


a second too late to add the ? in Apples.

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