Apple Includes 8 Samsung Phones in Injunction Request

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Apple’s list of Samsung smartphones it wants banned in the United States is in the court’s hands and includes eight different models. Judge Lucy Koh gave Apple until August 29 to submit the list following the company’s landslide win in its patent infringement case against Samsung.

Apple included eight Samsung phones in its injunction requestApple included eight Samsung phones in its injunction request

The list of phones Apple wants blocked, according to The Verge, includes:

  • Galaxy S 4G
  • Galaxy S2 (AT&T)
  • Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket)
  • Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile)
  • Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
  • Galaxy S Showcase
  • Droid Charge
  • Galaxy Prevail

Apple’s next step will be to prove to Judge Koh that by allowing these smartphones to continue to be sold will cause irreparable harm to the company.

Samsung responded by stating, “We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the U.S. market.”

The jury in Apple and Samsung’s mobile device patent infringement trial found on Friday that Samsung was willfully infringing on nearly all of the patents Apple included in its complaint, while Apple wasn’t infringing on any of Samsung’s. The jury also awarded Apple over US$1 billion in damages.

Samsung called the verdict a major loss for consumers and innovation, while Apple said it was validation that companies should compete by creating their own unique products instead of stealing designs.

Apple and Samsung are scheduled for a preliminary injunction hearing with Judge Koh on September 20.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

So where does the Galaxy Nexus fit into this? Not only did it not make it onto the list of phones for the trial, but the alleged infringement (local search) didn’t even make it into the list of patents.

Obviously, Apple needed to limit its claims to fit the time constraints of the trial, but it looks as if Apple was skating to where the puck was yesterday rather than where the puck will be.

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