Apple Intros Back to School Promo with Free iPod touch

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Apple kicked off its annual back to school promotion on Wednesday with an offer for a free 8GB iPod touch after rebate. The promotional offer is open to students and employees at K-12 and higher education facilities.

Students, their parents, or school faculty and staff must purchase a new Mac and iPod touch at the same time by September 8 to be eligible for the iPod rebate, and must submit their rebate claim by October 8, 2009. Every Mac model except for the Mac mini and refurbished Macs are included in the promotion.

For Mac buyers that aren't interested in the iPod touch, Apple will the rebate the cost of a 120GB iPod classic, 16GB or 8GB iPod nano, or 4GB iPod shuffle.

Rebate submission guidelines are available at Apple's Back to School Web page.



so combined, it ranges from a 1% to about a 10% discount.

Sounds like Apple is listening to market demands and recession and giving customers a nice incentive to spend some money.

Lee Dronick

New Macs in mid September?

I am loving the free WiFi in Starbucks, handy during this roadtrip. I am taking a caffene break up in the Central Valley near Kettleman City California.

I also very much appreciate the Easy WiFi app for the iPhone. Chat with you all 2 hours from now.

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