Apple Intros iTunes 9 [Updated]

Apple announced the immediate availability of iTunes 9 on Wednesday during its special media event in San Francisco. The new version of iTunes includes a new interface, and a "Genius Mixes" feature along with the ability to organize iPhone and iPod touch apps for syncing back to your handheld.

Genius Mixes can build up to 12 mixes of songs that go well together, and the mixes can play endlessly. Apple said the new feature is "like having a 'Genius' DJ."

No doubt a welcome feature for many iPhone and iPod touch users, iTunes 9 supports application management so users don't have to organize apps by tapping and dragging on their handheld. Users can set which applications appear on each Home page, and changes sync to the handheld when it is connected to their computer.

iTunes 9 also includes the ability to sync music with your iPod based on genre or artist, "Home Sharing" so up to five computers in the same home can easily share content, and the rumored Facebook integration, too.

iTunes 9 can also sync photos from iPhoto '09 from Events and Faces.

iTunes 9 is free and available for download at the Apple Web site.

[This article has been updated with additional information about iTunes 9]