Apple Intros New Web Mail Features in MobileMe Update

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Apple updated the features and interface for the Web-based version of its MobileMe service on Friday. The update includes changes that were introduced in the Web Mail public beta, along with streamlined interfaces for the MobileMe Web apps.

The updated version of Mail Web sports widescreen and compact views, server-based rules for sorting messages, improved SSL security, an updated formatting toolbar, better junkmail filtering, and support for sending messages with email addresses from other accounts.

The new MobileMe login Web page.

“You can receive email from another service by having the email forwarded to your address,” Apple said. “And when you reply to a message using webmail, you can choose to send it from the address it was sent to, or from your MobileMe account.”

The update also added streamlined interfaces for Calendars, Gallery, iDisk and Find My iPhone.

MobileMe is priced at US$99 a year and supports Mac OS X, Windows, the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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There’s a bug in my copy of MobileMe’s “Mail” app-screen which causes the left-hand column of the “Widescreen” and the “Classic” Views to be hidden from view, along with the little “MobileMe cloud” icon (which should be there in the top left of the MobileMe bar to provide access to the other MobileMe app-screens; the “Mail”, “Contacts”, “Calendar”, “Gallery”, “iDisc”, & “Find My iPhone” app-screens). 

In order to restore the missing “MobileMe cloud” icon in those “Mail” app-screen “Views”, I must select the middle “Compact” View from the “Switch View” drop-down menu.

This bug was also in my beta copy of this, and was one of the two reasons I opted out of using the beta version.

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