Apple iPhone Tops J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction

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Apple’s iPhone has topped J.D. Power & Associates’ customer satisfaction survey for smartphones for the fourth time in a row. The research firm announced Thursday that Apple scored 800 out of a possible 1,000 points in its most recent survey, ahead of second place Motorola (791 points) and third place HTC (781 points).

In the chart below, you can see that Apple scored five out of five stars in five out of six categories, with only satisfaction with the iPhone’s battery function bringing Apple’s score down.

In fact, Apple’s rating of two stars on battery function was the lowest of the seven manufacturers included the survey — Nokia was the best, with a five out of five rating, while the other manufacturers scored either three or four out of five. A rating of two stars means that Apple scored below average.

J.D. Power Chart

Source: J.D. Power & Associates

Other details of the survey include the fact that customers are keeping their mobile handsets (both traditional cell phones and smartphones) for an average of 20.5 months, the highest length of time since the survey began in 1999. The firm suggested this could be as much about the economy as any other factors, as users waited longer to upgrade their devices to save money.


Bryan Chaffin

I’d say I was surprised, but I’d be lying. smile

I don’t see this changing any time soon, in any way. Wait, Apple should start scoring higher on battery function going forward, but that remains to be seen.


Take that, Consumer’s Report


I wonder if Nokia’s battery function should actually have scored much lower than that.

Did Nokia’s high score on battery function actually result from a “contrast-gaining” against the gross inadequacy of all the Nokia’s other 4 factors; did the phones’ owners really have no way of standardizing their battery function ratings against a normal phone’s functions (i.e. -  a phone which has at least SOME other ratings better than 2/5)?


Where’s Bosco to explain how this is all wrong?


Where?s Bosco to explain how this is all wrong?

Patience… Bosco’s running the spin-o-matic generator at full power.  Give him time…  smile


Yesterday, standing outdoors in rural Maine my wife tried making a call on her 3GS. A few failed attempts later I placed the call for her on my iPhone 4 while standing next to her. After a few months I have yet to experience any antenna issues. I bought the 4 after the widely publicized antennagate issue hit the press. Best phone I have ever owned.


Patience? Bosco?s running the spin-o-matic generator at full power.  Give him time?

Well, I hope he comes up with something better than the typical “Apple lovers are lying to skew the numbers.”


He’s not coming… Bosco Brad doesn’t see an issue here, of course Apple has a higher satisfaction rating, they are asking people who are already drunk on the kool-aid(r). Now ask people who did NOT buy an iPhone, they’ll tell you it’s locked up communist crap! They won’t let the state that is Apple dictate to them! No way!

Android Onslaught (Copyright 2009 - Bosco Brad) is coming! LOOK OUT!


Methew John

Ahh.. Such a bad score for very basic need in phone; Apple must look at improving mobile battery. I can suggest one more category where Apple could have had low scores; it is connectivity. Not always, but compared to other phones I have used, Apple had bad reception.

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