Apple Job Post Describes “Next Generation” Oregon Data Center

Apple in OrgeonAccording to a job posting on Apple’s website, the company described a data center it is developing in Oregon as a “next generation” facility. Apple is seeking to hire a Data Center Construction Project Manager to manage the project. While the job posting lists the location as Cupertino, Apple is working on expanding and improving its data center in Maiden, North Carolina and it preparing to build a new facility in Prineville, Oregon.

Development at the Prineville location is just getting underway. Apple recently bought 160 acres for $5.6 million and initially it will build a small 10,000 square-foot facility. But it is believed to be patterned after the Facebook facility just across the road, which totals 333,000 square-feet and Apple’s facility is expected to eventually become larger.

Apple has indicated its intent to operate a “green” facility, but whether the facility will have the same solar array that its North Carolina facility has isn’t known at this time. Oregeon Live reports that tax incentives played into the decision to locate the facility there.

The new project manager will be overseeing all aspects of the design and construction of these data centers. This person will be “an important part of the Apple team responsible for the design and construction implementation of the next generation of data centers.”

They will also “represent Apple’s interest at all meetings with Consultant, General Contractor, and Vendors.” And the other tasks common to construction project management are also expected.