Apple Job Posting: Help Build Future of Cloud Services

Help WantedApple is looking for a software engineer to join a “small team” that is working on something no less audacious than “the future of cloud services at Apple!” In a job posting, the company said that this team will be, ” writing the software [that] forms the foundation for some of our most exciting new products and services.”

Apple’s current cloud services are based around MobileMe, but the company has long been assumed to be making major investments in additional cloud services. Company executives have talked about the importance of the cloud at Apple media events, and the company has been working on a large data center in North Carolina for at least the last two years.

The most recent cloud-based rumors to circulate about Apple include the company working on a video streaming service, a music streaming service, and some form of enhanced online locker for music and/or video files.

Apple is also known to keep its development teams small, at least compared to some of its competitors, and today’s job posting (which was discovered by AppleInsider) suggests that this new development team will be making the tools used by other projects at Apple.

“In this highly visible position,” the company wrote in its job post, “the successful candidate will collaborate with cross-functional engineering teams to define and implement some of the core backend platform frameworks and systems that will power next generation Apple web services.”

You can read the job requirements at Apple’s job site.