Apple Jumps Five Places in Greenpeace Eco Rankings

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Greenpeace 17th Guide

Greenpeace, the non-governmental environmental organization, updated its “Guide to Greener Electronics” Wednesday. The listing, now in its 17th edition, ranks Apple fourth out of fifteen computer and consumer electronics companies, a jump of five places for the Cupertino company since the list’s last update.

In a separate full report (PDF), Greenpeace notes that Apple scores well on green products and sustainable operations, but scores poorly on energy use policy, especially with regard to advocating a clean energy policy.

Greenpeace Apple Score

Apple’s Greenpeace Scorecard from the Greenpeace Report

In positive news for Apple, the report strongly praised the company for its product line, which is completely free of PVC vinyl plastic and brominated flame retardants and meets or exceeds the latest Energy Star standards for energy efficiency. On these notes Apple has been quite public, taking time out of their frequent product keynotes to mention the environmentally-friendly components inside.

Apple’s ranking places it behind personal computer competitors HP and Dell, and handset giant Nokia, whose recent agreement with Microsoft has made it a major international, and soon-to-be domestic, competitor for Apple in the smartphone market.

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To go further into the “green”, one of two things must happen: forego profits or raise prices.


According to DHP’s Law, as Apple’s position in the Guide to Greener Electronics rankings approaches one, the number of complaints about Greenpeace on Mac fan sites approaches zero.


To go further into the ?green?, one of two things must happen: forego profits or raise prices.

Or, Apple could just state their intention to do everything that Greenpeace wanted, slap a future target date on it that they wouldn’t have to actually meet, and bump a bunch of those score up. Because with Greenpeace, actually doing things doesn’t count as much as saying you want to.



Isn’t Apple working on a solar farm for its giant data center? And isn’t there a planned internal, sustainable energy source for the new “spaceship” HQ? Surely both would help its Greenpeace rankings.


To go further into the ?green?, one of two things must happen: forego profits or raise prices.

If you look at the charts, to go further “green” Apple has to use some recycled plastic in the aluminium MacBook Pro and MacBook Air :-(

Donations to Greenpeace would probably help as well.

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