Apple Kicks Off iPhone 4 Pre-orders

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After getting off to a rocky start early Tuesday morning, Apple opened its online store for iPhone 4 pre-orders. The pre-order program began earlier in the morning, but was hampered by issues that eventually let to the familiar “We’ll be back soon” at the company’s online store.

Apple introduced the iPhone 4 during Steve Jobs’s keynote presentation at the company’s World Wide Developer Conference on June 7 with the promise that the company would begin accepting pre-orders on the 15th and release the new combination iPod and smartphone on the 24th.

Order errors were common Tuesday morning.

The new iPhone sports a redesigned form factor that’s almost 25 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS, a higher resolution multi-touch display, a 5 megapixel camera capable of capturing 720p HD video, an LED flash, a front-facing camera for video calls, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a built-in gyroscope and digital compass, Apple’s A4 processor, and more.

Apple’s headaches with its pre-order program, however, didn’t completely go away when the company brought its Web store back online. Reports of slow loading pages and server errors flooded social networking services like Twitter almost immediately, presumably because of the volume of pre-order requests.

Apple is also currently offering only the black iPhone 4 for pre-order and reservation for in-store pickup. The white model is listed as unavailable.

The 16GB iPhone 4 is priced at US$199, and the 32GB model costs $299.

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Have been trying to pre-order for the past 4 hours, but the Apple store keeps giving errors or going offline. They have pulled the store offline several times already this morning (the usual back-soon page comes up.)


What else is annoying is that their WebObjects-based store expires your session so you have to start over every time, whereas with most sites you can just keep hitting the reload button until you get through.


I’ve tried to going through the pre-order process and after a dozen attempts, still haven’t made it past the eligibility page.  They’re sorry about the erorr and I should try later.


Not surprising but I get the same results on the ATT pages.  It fails during eligibility checking.


I gave up at the Apple web site and went to AT&T’s about 8AM EDT. Everything went smoothly until the last submit button to finalize the order. After pressing it, the loading indicator just kept spinning and eventually timed out. I never got a confirmation page or email. If I check ATT again for upgrade options, the phone number is no longer list as eligible. If I check the order status page, it does indicate there’s an order in progress so perhaps it went through,


So, the trend I’m seeing/experiencing is that it all works until the preorder process has to touch AT&T…then it breaks down.

WOW…is this a trend or what?


As of 1:30am Pacific, sessions with the Apple Store were getting dumped before you could enter an order to replace an existing AT&T phone.

By around 2am PDT, Apple was holding its own, but “Please wait while we access your AT&T account information” was an endless spin, and has been ever since whenever I check.

Calls to 1-800-MY-APPLE don’t go through at all.

Web orders for pickup at a physical Apple Store are processed as full price/unsubsidized, so yet another detail to straighten out on activation day. Surely that’ll all go seamlessly.  :-(

Overall, a miserable experience trying to sign up online, and people with real lives can’t devote half a day to standing in line to order a phone at the store…


Finally got the pre-order to go through last night at 11:30pm eastern (on my iPad) without any errors but it did take a while to get through the AT&T part.  It did confirm that the plan was unchanged. Also, I’m only 1 year into the contract and still only got charged the $18 upgrade fee.

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