Apple Kills White MacBook

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Apple’s unibody white MacBook has been put out to pasture as of Wednesday. Apple discontinued the last of the MacBook line as it introduced new Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Air and Mac mini models.

MacBook, rest in peaceThe MacBook had been considered Apple’s entry level laptop and a great option for schools thanks to its US$999 price tag and white plastic body. Now, however, it appears that Apple plans to position the $999 11-inch MacBook Air as its base model laptop.

While the 11-inch MacBook Air offers less screen space than the 13-inch MacBook, it does offer a more powerful Intel Core i5 processor, and longer battery life. Whether or not that is enough to make potential MacBook owners happy, however, remains to be seen — although it’s likely that Apple won’t have any problems selling its new 11-inch MacBook Air.

Even though the white MacBook is dead as far as the public is concerned, it still lives on for educational institutions. Apple will continue to sell the laptop to schools for $899, which should make at least some educators happy since the little white computer has proven to be a great work horse machine for students.

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Actually, while it is available in the education sector, it appears as though it is only available to institutions to purchase, not for individual purchases (I saw it on my institution’s Apple store page, but not the page I buy EDU priced Apple systems). Just FYI.


This is perhaps the best news of the day!


Kind of a shame there isn’t a sub-$1000 notebook with an AMD or nVidea mobile chip; there are still casual gamers in the mid-range market.

Still, consumers can still get their hands on the white MacBook: Just head for the “Refurbished Macs” section on the online Apple Store.

Will C

I thought only the aluminium cased Macbooks macined out of solid were considered ‘unibody’?????


thought only the aluminium cased Macbooks macined out of solid were considered ?unibody??????

No, the Macbook is considered unibody since 2009. The frame/chassis of the computer is made with the same single piece of machined aluminum, even if the external case is polycarbonate plastic. Not quite as dramatic as the MacBook Pro or Air’s all-aluminum shell, but still provides a lot of the stuctural and recycling benefits.

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