Apple/Lala Buyout Deal All But Official

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Reports that Apple has reached an agreement to buy online music service Lala is all but official as The New York Times cited its own sources who said the deal is done and signed. Reports began surfacing earlier on Friday that Apple was in talks with Lala, but the two companies have apparently reached an agreement.

In a not-denial, Apple's corporate spokesperson Steve Dowling told The Times that his company, "buys smaller technology companies all the time, and we generally do not comment on our purpose or plans."

The Times' article focused on Lala's technology in hosting music in the cloud -- i.e. on servers, not your local computer -- and serving it to users on demand. As part of the deal, Apple will get Lala's engineers and one of the company's founder, Bill Nguyen.

The report also noted that Lala approached Apple about a buyout, reaching out to Apple VP Eddy Cue after it concluded that its ability to reach profitability in the short term were limited.

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If they do that I hope to see a serious push by Apple to make Lala available for International customers.
“Unfortunately, Lala is currently only available to people in the US. We are working feverishly to expand internationally, so please stay tuned.”


I’m a big fan of Apple and Lala (see my post on the earlier story), but I’m not sure what to think of the former buying the latter. I hope more comes of this than the disappearance of Lala.

And if Lala goes away—what about the web songs people have purchased?


And if Lala goes away?what about the web songs people have purchased?

If there is no DRM no need to worry.  Otherwise, I’d start decoding them now.
In the future don’t buy from DRM sources.


If there is no DRM no need to worry.? Otherwise, I?d start decoding them now.
In the future don?t buy from DRM sources.

A Lala “web song” is a song you can listen to on the web only, at a cost of ten cents each. I personally only have free ones from the credits you get at sign up, but I’m sure there are some people who have invested more.

The download songs sold on Lala are non-DRM mp3s.

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