Apple Launches Joint Venture Small Business Support Service

Apple kicked off a new small business support service on Thursday called Joint Venture. The company is touting the service as a way for businesses to get training and support for their Apple products.

“Joint Venture is a program designed to help you use Mac, iPhone, and iPad to improve the way your business runs,” Apple’s Joint Venture Web site states. “We’ll set up your new Apple products, train your employees to get the most out of them, and make sure everything stays working with dedicated support.”

Apple claims it can get customers up and running on new Macs, complete with data transfer from other computers, in about 24 hours, will install software, and offers three two-hour in-store training sessions for your business’s employees. Apple is also offering monthly workshops geared towards professionals that need to get up to speed on Mac skills, new employees, and IT department personell that need to learn Mac support skills.

Program members can take advantage of loaner laptops when their Macs are in for maintenance or repairs, phone support, quick access to the Genius Bar, and priority in-store appointments, too.

Pricing for Joint Venture starts at US$499 when buying a new Mac and covers up to five computers.