Apple Loads Up the Patents in Motorola Case

Apple amended its patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola on Wednesday to include and additional 12 claims. The new filing brings the total number of patents Apple alleges Motorola is infringing on up to 24.

The two companies claim the other is infringing on mobile-related patents. In Motorola’s case, it alleged Apple’s Wi-Fi antenna designs, GPRS technology, location based services, sync tools, application management, and more all infringe on patents it owns. Apple claimed Android-based Motorola phones, along with set-top boxes and DVRs all step on the toes of several patents it owns.

The most recent additions to Apple’s filing also happen to be the same patents Motorola hoped to invalidate in October with a request for declaratory judgement, according to FOSS Patents.

Apple also beefed up its legal team in November with several experts in patent-related law. Presumably the extra help will be focusing on the company’s legal battles with Motorola, Nokia and HTC.