Apple Looking into Solar Powered Mobile Devices

Reports out of Taiwan say Apple has been talking with parts makers about solar cells for electronic devices. Apparently the Mac, iPhone and iPad maker is looking into the viability of solar energy to power future products, but isn’t currently working on actual designs.

Don’t expect to see solar powered iPhones and MacBook Airs any time soon. According to DigiTimes, solar cell manufacturers are saying the technology hasn’t progressed far enough to meet the needs of companies like Apple.

Solar powered iPhones don't work as well at night.Apple may be working on solar powered iPhones

Apple has already been granted a solar power-related patent for mobile devices, so the idea that the company is talking with parts makers isn’t far fetched. Apple was granted a patent in January that details the process of regulating the electrical flow from a solar cell to mobile devices.

Assuming Apple develops, and eventually ships, solar powered mobile devices, that could mean an iPhone that runs longer between charges is on the way. Considering the low efficiency of current solar cells, however, sun powered charging will most likely supplement traditional cable charging systems.