Mac OS X: Customizing Fields in Mail’s Compose Window

When you’re writing a message in Apple Mail, you can easily customize which fields show up in the window. It’s obvious that you’re probably going to need “To” and “Subject” for every e-mail, but what if you always need a “Reply To” field or never use the “Cc” one? Here’s how to make your composing window as cluttery or as spartan as you’d like. 

I think that the easiest way to do this is to look for the small drop-down menu to the left of your existing fields when you’re writing an e-mail. When you click on that, you can turn each field on or off individually, or you can choose the “Customize” menu option to see all of the choices available at once and how they’d look in place as you compose a message.

Here’s the little box of which I speak.


And here is yon little box, after having been clicked. 


Another way to do this is to use keyboard shortcuts within that same composing window. Command-Option-R toggles the “Reply To” field on and off, and Command-Option-B does the same for the “Bcc” option. These choices are also available from within the View menu in Mail. Oh, Apple, how you do provide us with 47 ways to do everything. We love that about you.