Apple Makes Slight Web Site Changes, Deploys HTML 5

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Apple’s web site showed off a slightly different look on Wednesday, with a darker navigation bar, some tweaked navigation, and the implementation of HTML 5 throughout the site. As AppleInsider noted, HTML 5 enables such features as a search field that dynamically resizes when clicked.

Other changes include a new way to navigate certain parts of the site, such as the Mac page, where the icons for “Mac,” “Applications,” “Accessories,” and “Server” fly across the screen and bounce into place when the word is clicked.

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The Mac page shows off the redesign elements.

Apple has long been a proponent of HTML 5, which it has previously used to create bonus content packaged with some movies and music sold on iTunes, for example.


Lee Dronick

Go to and click on Software, Accessories, and other choices. Watch how the icons slide in and bounce to a stop.


That’s cool
Best of all they did it without Flash

Lee Dronick

I just checked it using Safari on my iPhone and it looks good, but no mobile specific pages.


What I am most impressed by is how fast the site is.

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