Apple Manager Loaded Shoeboxes with $150K in Kickback Scheme

Paul Shin Devine, the Apple mid-level manager charged with selling confidential iPhone and iPod information to Asian parts suppliers, apparently hid over US$150,000 in shoeboxes in his house. Along with the US currency, about $20,000 in foreign currency was found by law enforcement officials, too, according to Computerworld.

“He had over $150,000 stored in shoe boxes,” Department of Justice Attorney Michelle Kane said in court. “We have identified a significant number of accounts overseas and a significant amount of money.”

Ms. Kane made the revelation during a hearing to decide Mr. Devine’s bail. Ultimately the court ordered Mr. Devine to transfer an undiscloded amount of cash from his foreign bank accounts into a U.S. account, and post that along with $600,000 to get out of jail.

Before Mr. Devine can leave jail, he also has to surrender his passport and his wife’s passport to the court, and he must give authorities access to his safe deposit boxes, too.

His attorney, however, says that the logistics of moving money between foreign bank accounts could mean his client will be stuck in a jail cell for some time.

Along with his criminal charges, Mr. Devine is also facing a civil suit from Apple.