Apple May be Developing Coding Standard for iPad Magazines

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Apple may be working on building a set of template tools for iPad-based magazines to include in its Xcode developer tools. Assuming the report is accurate, such a move would give developers a standardized set of tools that could make it easier for creating publications as apps.

Anthony Morganti at Gadget Daily News claimed to have received word that Apple is developing a magazine template for Xcode — the company’s development environment for Mac OS X, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps.

iPad magazinesApple may add magazine tools to Xcode

“Imagine a guy drawing and writing a comic book. He can’t sell it to Marvel or DC so he hooks up with a programmer and within days, he’s getting his comic book published and sold on iTunes,” Mr. Morganti was told.

Apple would include guidelines for developers along with its magazine templete tools so they would have some idea how to build a consistent and intuitive interface for publications. The tools would also include the ability to handle in-app subscription purchases along with support for buying back issues.

Apple isn’t confirming that it actually is working on magazine app tools for Xcode, but the idea does make sense. Giving developers the ability to build magazine apps faster and with a more consistent interface means more opportunities for publications to find their way to the iPad.

The company is apparently hoping to add the new tools to Xcode by the end of the year.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

The big publishers will never, ever go for this. Apple would do way better by opening the platform to Adobe and accepting that publishers trust Adobe way more than they will ever trust Apple.


Apple would do way better by opening the platform to Adobe

Riiight. And keep glorified PDF magazines that weigh around 600MB per issue and are nothing more than a bunch of static image files. Adobe is so on the right track with these. I guess bloatware is all they can manage nowadays.


Unbelievable. This company thinks so far out of the box that the unenlightened jump to criticise with donkey ears and side blinders fully attached and lips flapping. I’m enjoying reading John Gruber’s old reviews and analyses. The man is always dead on.

There are few like John Gruber of Daring Fireball, but a multitude of the opinionated,  like John Dvorak and lesser mortals who get it wrong so often, it’s a crap shoot every time they touch a keyboard. But it is fun to see such losers open their mouths and proven wrong, time after time after time. My only prediction is that they will continue to be wrong yet incredibly will continue to open their cake holes.

In the meantime: Go Apple!
You’re on a role that never stops and it drives some blind with envy.


Apple will do for magazine publishing what it has done for developers: open up the channel to excellence which does not come from the same dinosaurs.  Frankly, if Hearst, Conde, Time, et al reject this channel, no one will miss them.  Their entire business model is based on dead trees and scarcity of voices.  Once the channel is opened up, they’ll have to scramble to be heard over so many more voices.


First of all it would never be for XCode.
It might be for iAdProducer type of application
or for Pages.  epub is already produced by Pages.

So this rumor is just made up.

Lee Dronick

Yeah, publishers and the general public trust Adobe. Today they announced a nasty Flash exploit



With template, I can also create eBook Apps!!!!!!!

I would not need to purchase an eBook App template for $500 per books any longer. WOW!

And to have in-app purchases!!!! Wow!!!



This is also FANTASTIC NEWS because it creates a STANDARD User Interface for books and magazines!!!!

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Yeah, publishers and the general public trust Adobe. Today they announced a nasty Flash exploit

Because there are no Safari exploits, right? The reason publishers trust Adobe is because Adobe’s mission is aligned with the publishers’ mission. They can use similar streams for print deployment and for deployment on multiple devices, not just Apple devices. Oh, and Adobe doesn’t hold the publishers up for 30% or hide their customer information.


Content is king, form is functional. One tries to bring the magazine-form to the iPad. In the Netherlands there is a Zinio kind of company company called Tablisto  who is exploring a reading standard, with no cost for the publisher to start with. (Only small amount per downloaded mag) Publishers are also struggling with there retail prices. Apple’s 30% doesn’t help.

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