Apple May be Moving to OLED for Laptops, iPhone

Apple may be planning to switch to OLED displays in its laptop lineup soon, and it may start using the displays in the iPhone, too. The news comes from unnamed sources in LG, the company that will allegedly supply the displays to Apple, according to SmartHouse.

The sources also claimed that Apple has already paid LG US$500 million to develop new display technologies.

The displays Apple plans to use apparently include touch sensitivity, and LG is currently working to eliminate obvious finger marks left on the displays. The company thinks that it can add an extra layer to the displays that deals with the smudges caused by body oils and sweat.

Apple may also planning on using OLED technology in its desktop displays, and in wireless media device that's similar to Apple TV.

Since Apple doesn't comment on unannounced products and technologies, take this rumor with a grain of salt. Switching to OLED would, however, potentially let Apple produce even thinner laptops since the displays don't require any backlighting.