Apple May be Negotiating Re-downloads for iTunes

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Apple is apparently negotiating with record labels to swing a deal that would let iTunes Store customers re-download purchased songs that have been lost or damaged. The Mac, iPhone and iPad maker is said to be in talks with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI.

iTunes may get unlimited downloadsApple working on unlimited downloads for iTunes purchases

Word of the negotiations comes from unnamed industry sources, according to Bloomberg. Apple is working to get labels to agree to let customers re-download music across multiple authorized devices, too.

Assuming Apple and the record labels can reach a deal, iTunes users would finally have a way to recover downloaded songs without being forced to repurchase the tracks. Offering customers the ability to re-download already purchased tracks would serve as a music backup system, as well.

The anonymous sources also claim Apple is working on updates for its MobileMe service that are inline with current rumors. They claim the changes will include new options for storing multimedia content online, and that the US$99 annual subscription fee would be dropped, making the service free.

Apple and the record labels haven’t commented on the rumored negotiations.

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Uh-oh. I didn’t realize you couldn’t do this already. Better make sure everything is backed up I guess. And have .aiff backups on cd in case the Cloud decides I don’t own them any longer.


You could do it before, but it necessitated calling Apple for help and it was usually a one-time thing.

This would be much better.


I still don’t think that $99 is going away. They may add a new free feature or two, but Apple is about figuring out how to make a service or product that people want to pay for, not about providing free services.


Maybe membership will be free - and we’ll pay for storage.  Say, more than 2 GB will attract charges.

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