Apple May Extend iTunes Song Sample Length on Wednesday

| Rumor

The list of announcements rumored for Apple’s September 1 media event continues to grow, and the latest claims iTunes Store shoppers will finally get to hear longer song samples ahead of their purchases. The news comes from unnamed sources that apparently are privy to the information, according to CNET.

iTunes Song samples are limited to 30 seconds, which has drawn complaints from users claiming the clips aren’t long enough to decide whether or not they like a song.

CNET’s anonymous sources also claimed Apple will use a substantial portion of its media event to highlight changes to music discovery tools at the iTunes Store.

Apple will be hosting a media event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 1. The company is expected to introduce new iPod models, including an iPod touch with a FaceTime-compatible camera.

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Lee Dronick

I dont necessarily want the clips to be longer, but perhaps a random clip. Maybe both the intro and some out of the middle.


Not going to happen.  At least not in my country (Canada).  Our proposed new performance tarrifs for online content specifically indicate 30 second samples only.  Unless Apple can lobby the CRTC and battle it out with SOCAN for what seems an arbitrary increase in sample time that really won’t have that much of an effect on the bottom line, this is serious grain of salt territory.


I don’t use the preview function much anyway. If I’m going to buy something, I usually don’t need to listen to iTunes first, because I’ve already heard it somewhere. Usually, I go to YouTube to listen to the whole thing, then go to iTunes and click the preview, just to make SURE it’s the same song and not something else of the same name.

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