Apple May Launch Music Locker Service in April

Apple is apparently prepping to launch a MobileMe-based “Music Locker” cloud service some time in April, giving users a way to store their music library online. An unnamed source claimed Apple has been working on licensing deals with the major record labels and has already managed to get Warner to sign on the dotted line, according to The Music Void.

iTunes and Music LockerApple hopes to add online music storage to MobileMe

EMI and Universal Music are expected to sign on quickly, too, although Sony is apparently dragging its heals. The deals with record labels are necessary to give users access to the music they want to stream via Music Locker.

Apparently the Music Locker service won’t, however, be a standard part of MobileMe. Along with the annual US$99 MobileMe subscription fee, Music Locker will cost an additional $20.

Apple doesn’t comment on rumors and unannounced products, so Music Locker and its extra cost should be treated as speculation.