Apple Offers Developers $99 Single Day Pass to Mac Compatibility Labs

Apple has set up a new “Single Day Pass” for registered developers in the Mac Developer Program. The Pass allows developers to spend a day in Apple’s compatibility labs where they can test their software on a very wide array of different Macs, including many legacy models.

The Single Day Pass will cost US$99, according to Macworld, and will include access to Apple Lab Engineers who can assist with configuration, but Apple itself is not offering any form of certification, official testing services, engineering support, or debugging support.

Membership in the Apple Developer Connection Select and Premier programs used to be the only way developers could access these labs. Those programs, which cost $499 and $3,499 per year respectively in their last iterations, were canceled and replaced with the $99 per year Mac Developer Program. The new Single Day Pass brings access to the Labs to the entire registered developer community.

Apple’s Compatibility Labs are located in Cupertino and Tokyo, and are good from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (local). Requests for access should be made three business days ahead of time.