Apple Opening Temporary Store for SXSW

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Apple is setting up a temporary retail location in Austin, Texas, that will open on March 11 just in time for the South By Southwest conference as well as the iPad 2 launch. The Mac, iPhone and iPad maker leased a space for the next two weeks at the intersection of Congress and West 6th Street in Austin and has been hard at work prepping the location for its Friday opening, according to The Statesman.

It's a tent! And Abe Lincoln!Artist rendition: Apple’s SXSW store

Rance Wilemon, who represents the property leasing company, said “[Apple] came in town on Monday, did a quick tour, found a spot, and they’re in there working and will open by Friday.”

Considering the number of people that attend the SXSW event, Apple will likely see high traffic in its temporary store even though the company already has two permanent locations in the city. Opening the temporary store also means SXSW attendees will have a convenient location to pick up an iPad 2 on launch day.

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Dave Hamilton

This is great. Puts the Apple Store within walking distance. The other two that are “in town” are quite a distance from downtown, unfortunately.

Dorje Sylas

Lol! Ow… I hurt myself laughing at that artist rendition. Although the Apple logo could have been photoshoped better. raspberry


I see it’s already getting lines.


This is one of those occasions you smile, shake your head in admiration and mutter “those cheeky bastards”.

Apple just hijacked the buzz at SXSW.  Those cheeky bastards.


Although the Apple logo could have been photoshoped better

I think it was meant to look like it was angled along with the tent, so the left side is smaller given the further distance from the camera.


I know quite a few people were trying to get their pre-orders’ pick-up set for one of the Apple Stores near SXSW…


VERY cool! I’m with you, aardman: Those cheeky bastards.

Boys and girls, can you say “impulse buy”? Sure you can. wink

Add my compliments to those for the artist. Good, good laughs. Literally LOL.

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