Apple Patent Application Could Let iPod touch Make Calls

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Apple has filed for a patent covering an accessory that could allow iPod touches to make phone calls, or a device like the iPhone to connect to two separate mobile phone networks at the same time.

According to PatentlyApple, which first found the patent applications, the patent covers a transceiver that could connect to a device either through a direct connection or wirelessly. That transceiver would effectively handle the mobile phone duties for a device like the iPod touch, which doesn’t otherwise have the ability to make phone calls.

The patent doesn’t specifically cover iPod touches, but rather any mobile electronic device. We should also stress that it’s a patent application that was filed in the first quarter of 2010, and not a granted patent. Even if the patent is granted, however, there is little or no indication, let alone a guarantee, that Apple would bring a product like this to market.

In fact, it could be argues that Apple has no incentive to make it possible for its customers to use the less expensive iPod touch to make phone calls, rather than its own iPhone or, even worse, some other company’s product. If granted, though, the patent could be used to block third party companies from introducing such products.


Bryan Chaffin

Apple files tons of patents that never result in a shipping product, and I’d suspect this will be another. Still, it’s an interesting idea.

Lee Dronick

Hmmmm, it could even be a tactical move in regards to AT&T, Verizon, and others. Having such a device in a missile silo could help keep favorable contracts with the iPhone. Just thinking out loud on a late afternoon, I need a cheese steak.


Ummm… How is it different from this?


New/old add campaign for AT&T:  Reach out and iPod Touch someone.


go on and just say, “Hi.”


With a jailbroken 1st gen ipod touch, or a non-jailbroken 2nd, 3rd, gen running Skype or a host of other apps, you can make and recieve phone calls if you have access to WiFi.


Joe: While making phone calls over Skype is handy, but having to wait until you’re connected to a WiFi network to make a call is not really a practical and reliable means of full-time communications.

Also, while I have not used Skype enough to give my own real opinion on it, I know of at least a few tech-savvy people who think it completely sucks.

Making call with ipod touch, i heared that a month ago, but not do with the apple app, but a new product called “apple peel 520” made in China, and i think ipod touch+ Apple peel 520 = iphone 4 .
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