Apple Patent Could Cut Shopping Line Waits

Appleis iPhone gives users quick access to information when they are out at coffee shops and other stores, so why not let it bring products, too. Thatis what Apple is hoping to do with a new patent that lets users order products wirelessly, like a cup of coffee or a sandwhich, and then jump to the front of the line when their order is ready, according to Forbes.

The patent application explains a process where customers can place orders in stores and restaurants wirelessly from a media player, cell phone, or personal digital assistant. In this case, think iPod touch and iPhone.

Once their order is ready, customers will receive an alert on their handheld device. They can then move to the front of the line without having to wait along with the unwashed masses that donit have devices that take advantage of Apple technology.

The Cupertino-based company already has a deal that lets iPhone and iPod touch users purchase music wirelessly from Starbucks Coffee shops. This could be a logic next step in that partnership, and from there it could expand to other partnerships as well.